About Us

Why MomDau? It’s simple, it’s a combination of Mother and Daughter and that’s exactly who we are! A mother-daughter duo having a blast embracing our creative sides right in our own home.

Most summers we spend our time traveling the world. We are each other’s favorite travel buddy and have been to so many places. We’ve done as much as wear ourselves out from a full day walking around Disney World to traveling for over 30 hours in order to spend a month in Cape Town, South Africa! We’ve been on so many adventures and still have countless more we can’t wait to go on! 2020 was a little different for us though, since the world is currently shut down, we realized we had to stay home and embrace our creative sides!

It all started with watercolor paints, brush markers, and inspiration from YouTube and Pinterest! We both have always enjoyed being creative and what started as small hobbies to keep us busy while at home has turned into our own small business—MomDau!

We’re having a great time exploring our new creative skills and can’t wait to share them with all of you!

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